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About Signis India

SIGNIS WORLD was created in November, 2001 in Rome for the merger of two International Catholic Organizations. They are Unda, meaning ‘wave’ in Latin, for Radio and Television, and OCIC, an acronym for ‘Organization Catholique International du Cinema et de l’ Audiovisual, meaning International Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisual’.

SIGNIS INDIA is the Indian Chapter of SIGNIS WORLD. It is recognized by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI)... read more ...

Top News

IMAGE Message Of His Holiness Francis For World Mission Day 2018
Dear young people, I would like to reflect with you on the mission that we have received from... Read More...
IMAGE Message from the Ecclesiastical Assistant of SIGNIS on a communication which is sensitive, supportive and close to the victims
We are living a delicate moment in the Church with the news of thousands of cases of sexual abuse... Read More...
IMAGE Media Literacy & Social Communication seminar held at Ambassa
Sep 28 : Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Tuikarmaw organized two days of Media literacy class... Read More...

Top News column 2

A Symposium on Fake News held at Indore A Symposium on Fake News held at Indore
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Sep. 5, 2018: The Catholic Diocese of Indore and Masihi Sanchar Ayog,... more...

Fake News versus Media for Peace Fake News versus Media for Peace
The Annual SIGNIS Asia Assembly 2018 was held at St. Gabriel Foundation of Thailand in... more...

Cultural Tour by NATFoM Cultural Tour by NATFoM
NATFoM CBCI OSC organized a Cultural Tour with the help of Kalai Aruvi Communication Centre,... more...

National Executive Committee: 2018-2022


Fr Stanley Kozhichira


Fr Norbert Herman SVD
Udaipur, Rajasthan

Secretary & Treasurer

Fr Victor Vijay Lobo
Mangalore, Karnataka

Screening Committee Member

Mr Nirmal Raj
Bangalore, Karnataka

Screening Committee Member

Sr Joeyanna FSP
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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