Signis Project guidelines and Model Project


1.  Proper format to be followed:

Format refers to the format of project application. The pages of the project applications should not be removed or altered. The Information asked in a particular page should not go to the next page. Try to condense the information. If you want to give more information add new pages at the end as annexure.  If you are applying for training and not for Equipment and production, you can leave those pages empty but do not remove them.

Use single font (Times New Roman or Arial) throughout the project application. Font size should be 12".

2. Completion report with the photograph has to be submitted.

= Completion report of the previous project has to be submitted with the new application. Report should be supported with the photographs. Soft copy of the Photographs should be included in the CD.

= If the previous project was for the Production then the copy of the production with due credit to Signis and PSPF has to be sent.

3. For Religious Institutions - Letter from the provincial.

Letter of the Provincial stating they take full responsibility to implement the project is


4. For Lay/ Individual members:

PSPF gives the funds only to the Church Institutions, which are responsible to the Local Church. The project has to be the part of Diocesan Pastoral plan.  An Individual cannot apply for the project.  But He/She can be the facilitator of the project and can write the project through the Diocesan communication centre. Then the responsibility has to be taken by not an Individual but by the diocesan communication commission secretary.

5. Synopsis of the production in detail: Brief description of production, theme, title and synopsis should be enclosed.

6. Signatures: The Applications must be duly signed by  a) Applicant, b). Local Bishop

7. Pastoral plan has to be referred:

Every diocese has Social communication commission. They have a pastoral Plan. The project should help to achieve the objectives enlisted in the Pastoral Plan. So the proper reference should be given to the Pastoral Plan. Therefore project should fit in to National/Regional/Diocesan pastoral Plan

8. Projects should comply with the priorities of the media project: Projects should be related to Media or Social communication at the service of the local church.



9.  Acceptance / taking responsibility letter:

The Project application should have a letter from the applicant duly signed by him/her stating that He/She takes full responsibility to implement the project.

10. Copy of the previous production has to be sent the office.

   As soon as the production completes, a copy of the same has to be sent to the National office.    A sample of the video production should be sent to National office for archive, to Secretary General and Propagation of Faith (OPPF)

11. Due credit has to be given to Signis and OPPF has to be given in the production:

As the production is supported by Signis and Propaganda, the production should give due credit to Signis and OPPF

12. At least 20 -25% Local contribution to be mentioned.

     Applicant should provide at least 20 -25% local contribution and other sources of funding if   

      any. Production income projected should not be regarded as local contribution but other  

       sources instead.

13. Revenue from the production has to be mentioned: This should not be treated as the local

           Contribution in D1 but should be mentioned as the subsidy from other sources in D2

14. Additional information can be given in the separate pages as an annexure.

15. Calculations has to be done properly. Take care when you round off the Dollar. Amount

           must be given in local currency and US dollars, indicating the exchange rate in C1.

16. In D1 and D3 - no need of details. Mention only what is asked for.

17. Programmes for children are not supported.

18. Requested amount should not be more than $15000, unless there is clear justification for the higher amount. In such cases priority is given to projects that cover larger areas (National or

        Regional level)

19. OPPF funds are meant to supplement projects that have other resources (local or other)  

          Therefore OPPF funding must be a part of (and not cover the entire amount) the total    

           project financing.

20. 5 hard copies and one soft copy has to be submitted to the National office.

21. Eligible are diocesan, National or Regional level projects. No Personal or parish level

       Applications are accepted. (See no 4)

22. OPPF only funds projects from dioceses in areas that are officially designated as “Mission Territories”. All the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara dioceses in India are not considered “Mission Territories” as they fall under the jurisdiction of the Pontifical Congregation for    Oriental Churches.

23. If the production is in view of broadcasting, then a MOU has to be attached.



24. On receiving the funds, a report in a prescribed format has to be sent to National office, Nuncio, General Secretariat in Brussels and OPPF. Without receiving this next project will not be entertained.  This can be done in two Phases:

      a) As soon as receive the funds, the first part of the report has to be sent.

      b) After completion of the project. 

25. After receiving the project funds, 3% of the total money received has to be sent to the National Office as Service charges. Without receiving this, the next project will not be screened at the   Regional/ National level.


Screening at the Regional Level:

Screening has to be done by Regional Secretary, and Two elected members. Should not be done by ONE person. Regional screening committee should not write anything on the Project application. Applicant should not be the part of the screening process. The screening committee should give the report of the screening process.

Written reports from the Regional Screening should give the following details:

1.      List of Committee members – Signature.

2.      Dates of the Meeting.

3.      List of All projects evaluated.

4.      Clear indication if the project is recommended or not and WHY?

5.      Evaluation of the process. Suggestions?


    = The Regional Screening committee will help the members to write the projects


   = All the corrections have to be completed before sending them to the National

            Screening board.

    = The Regional Screening Board will not recommend the projects which have not  

           followed the criteria given above

    = For any Clarification Please feel free to contact the Signis India Secretary.



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