By, Fr. C. R. Justy, Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre, Varansi

Knowing Artificial Intelligence relevance and need of the hour Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Center with the financial Support of Propaganda Fide (SIGNIS India) Conducted two days (5th & 7th of March, 2024) of Workshop on the topic of Empowering youth in the age of Artificial Intelligence: “Opportunities and Responsibilities”. 62 Youth from Utter Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Rajasthan successfully attended the workshop. This workshop begun with the welcome address by Fr. Francis D’ Souza, the director of Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre.











Fr. Praveen Joshi Kerketta, the resource person stared the session with a keynote address on the fundamentals of AI including its definition, applications and future prospects. He also covered a discussion on the ethical implication of AI, touching upon the topic such as bias in algorithms, data privacy and job displacement.

The workshop featured interactive sessions where students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with the speakers. The workshop helped raise awareness among participants about the importance and impact of AI in today’s society They also gained insights applications of AI across various industries and learned about the potential career opportunities in this field. The discussion on ethical consideration promoted students to critically examine the societal implication of AI and the importance of responsible AI development and deployment. The participants extended gratitude to the speaker and organizers for their contributions to the success of the workshop.


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