News by: Fr. C. R. Justy, Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre, Varanasi

Folk Media refers to traditional media based on sound, image and sign language. It is expressed in the form of traditional music, drama, dance and puppetry. Ingredients of folk media are given special projection in the mass media and as such folk media are being used in development communication (to bring about attitudinal and behavioral changes of the people) and advertising. Messages on issues like agricultural development, primary health care and nutrition, environment, education, women and child rights are projected through the folk media.

Street Play is one the kinds of folk media. Street Play is not just a word but an emotion. It is a form of theatrical performance and presentation of act in an open area in mostly large groups. Anyone can watch it free of cost and is mainly designed for common people. It can be anywhere including shopping centers, car parking, street corners etc.

Knowing Street Play’s relevance and need of the hour Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Center with the financial Support of Propaganda Fide (SIGNIS India) Conducted two days (27th & 28th of April, 2023) of Workshop on the topic of Street Plays and its Nuances. 70 Youth from Utter Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Rajasthan successfully attended the workshop. This workshop begun with the welcome address by Fr. Francis D’ Souza, the director of Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre.


















It was conducted by Fr. Anand IMS, Mr. Vivekanand Brahmchari. This session begun with the brief introduction on the history of street play which conveyed participants that this play for the people, by the people and with the people. It is always performed in the arena. Street play has three stages they are 1. Before performance, 2. Performance, 3. After performance. They have also learned 4 elements for performance, 1. Gesture, 2. Dialogue, 3. Props and 4. Emotions.

Soon after this session they were divided into Four groups for the 1st workshop (Practical). After each groups performance they were given feed backs in both positive & negative for their growth. During following session they were divided into Six Groups and given different topics for their performance. The Second day’s session started with the short meditation. Participant were very happy to watch 2 live Street plays performed by Prerna Kala Munch . Followed by they were given some knowledge about Nine Emotions (Navrasa) through which they were able to enter into their own role (Character). It was an unique experience for the participants to interact and get to know with each other. They promised the organizer that once they go back to their own place surely they make use of this talent to bring awareness among the people by performing street plays.


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