Report by Mr M D Vincent, Hima Bindhu

On November 22nd at 9 a.m. Hyderabad Arch Bishop, Most Rev.Dr.Poola Anthony Garu inaugurated the seminar by lighting the lamp as per our Indian customs. The seminar was organized unitedly by HASSS and SIGNIS members at Hyderabad. .The seminar dealt with various current issues .Fr.Madaanu Anthony, the Director of HASSS [Hyderabad Arch Diocese Social Service Society] invited Arch Bishop whom he described as the patron of the poor and a dynamic leader. Arch Bishop addressed the gathering, stating ,”God has given us many talents and let us utilize them at the service of our society at Large. He appreciated Mr.M.D.Vincent and Mr.Babu Rao for working out creatively in making this seminar a reality. Sr.Manju helped the participants with a power point prayer presentation. Mr.M.D.Vincent of Hima Bindu and and Mr.Babu Rao of Better World felicitated His Grace for his blessings and prayers for the Seminar.





THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Hyderabad youth Director Rev.Fr. Richards explained how the Social Media positioned itself in prominent place in this modern world. Our people need to understand the importance of Social Media and use it to spread good values in the society. He said to be cautious and at the same time use it positively and get recognized through social Media. He shared several techniques as how to protect children from over-exposure to Social media This is basically a training programme executed by HIMA BINDU for 60 women and College students.

INTER RELIGIOUS DIOLOGUE: This is a video programme being done by Hima Bindu as a project of Signis. Three religious heads by name Srujan Segive from Christianity, Dr.Abdul Karrem from Islam and Mr. Nagabhushanam from Hinduism shared their views on Religious tolerance and answered question from the audience. They said that though religions are different, the practicing humans are the same. The speakers emphasized that we are fortunate to have been born in India which practices unity in diversity.

WOMEN’S ACTIVE PARTICIPATON IN THE CHURCH: This is a training programme executed by Better World, Hyderabad being a project of Signis. It was in the form of talk, and discussion between Fr.David Francis the Director of Family Council and 60 women and college students. Fr.David Francis exclaimed “ The Lords Resurrection news was at first carried unto the Disciples by none other than a women. Ladies can spread the news faster. The services rendered by women in the Ministry of Christ and in the ministry of St.Paul is unique and splendid. Even now as we are in Synodol process, ladies must come forward to play their major role.”

MOTIVATING WOMEN TO BE ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN THE MISSION OF CHRIST: This is a video production as a Signis project executed by Better World, Hyderabad. Mrs.Judy Francis and Sr.Manju have encouraged the 60 participants to play an active role both in the Society as well as in the church. In order to explore various ways on how to be active members of the Church, the participants were divided into three groups to discuss and give a report of their conclusions.

The high lights of their decisions are:
*We shall participates actively in all our parish activities.
*We shall train our children to be good in Bible Reading and learning their Catechism.
*We shall encourage vocations in our families.
*We shall support the Parish priest to accomplish his duties and also spare 10% of our income in support of the mission works.

The Participants honored Mr.M.D. Vincent and Mr.N.Baburao the main organizers with shawls and gifts. Mr.Vincent declared that the seminar went on smoothly on account of the whole hearted pleasant cooperation extended by Rev.Fr.Madanu Anthony, the Director of HASSS and felicitated him. The Signis organisers also recognisedd the tremondouse services offered by Mr.Madanu Marraih who trained his own daughter in classical Koochipoodi Dance and gave number of programs on Biblical Themes, both in our own Institutions, parishes and in public auditoriums such as Ravindra Bharathi. Mr.Marraiah was presented an engraved lovely memento under ‘LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” by Signis.

Fr.Victor the Chancellor, Fr.P.Sudhaker the Director of Amrutha Vani, Fr.Inna Reddy the Director of Communications, Hyderabad, Fr.Swarna Bernard the Principal of St.Mary’s High School, Fr.Dion Isaac, Director of Pastoral Center, Hyderabad also graced the occasion and shared their insights with the participants.
THE PARTICIPANTS EXPRESSED THEIR JOY: The participants expressed their joy and satisfaction on the success of this seminar. They wished that many such seminars are conducted in near future.




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