We the members of SIGNIS India, a member of World Catholic Association for Communications, gathered at Cochin, Kerala from 28th to 31st January, 2020, discussed and deliberated on the theme “Building Human Communities through Media”. About 110 persons from 12 Indian Regions participated.

In present day reality, the media not only play the role of witness but also judge and jury and it is they that decide what is to be given to the people rather than what people really need.

The bias and falsification of news in a deliberate attempt to mislead the people and confuse them is becoming rampant and we need to be alert and crosscheck every news item before believing it.

In a society where cultural dispersion is becoming common, we need to be vigilant and proactive in retaining the rich cultural identities and protecting our pluralistic history.

We need not long for freedom of expression from elsewhere, for, the Constitution itself guarantees its citizens justice, equality, liberty and fraternity which are core values of human life, assuring dignity of individuals by which we are entitled to socialism, secularism and dignity as a basic human right.

Hence we resolve to engage women, young people, the marginalized and the voiceless to understand their human rights and to voice against the injustice against them using all social media platforms to the fullest extent possible to communicate to the world about peace, equality and community life.

Let us work together organically rather than competing with each other. We also understand the important and crucial role the women have to play in fighting for justice. We affirm our faith in social communications and accept it as our mission in building human communities through media towards retaining our identity, secularism, freedom of expression and human dignity.


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