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Meghalaya, March 30, 2019: Two days of media education seminar was organized for the Students and teachers of Divine Word School, Lumshnong, Meghalaya from 26-27, March 2019.

The Principal Fr. Manoj Antony planned it much ahead of time for this seminar because he said, “urgent training on Media for the students is necessary, because of the corrupt values creep in to distort the young minds”. Fr. Ivan D’Silva, svd was called to give classes on the Media and Social Communication. Classes VIII, IX & X participated in the training session on Media on the first day and on the following day Teachers were participated in the seminar. The resource person Fr. Ivan had made it clear in the beginning of the training session that, “once you are trained, you make sure that, you educate others”. Classes on Media & advertisement, media & films, media & violence on women, Media & fashion & Use of Mobile are an eye opening to most of them.



One of the participants expressed that, “I know most of what you taught, but I am not aware of it”. Another said, “Now I know how these media harm us and how media can influence us negatively”. One of the teachers said, that “I need to update my knowledge on the current media in order train the students, to be a critical consumers of Media”.

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