Mr. Sumit Dhanraj, Signis India Member

Guwahati Feb 21, 2018: The third session of the National Assembly had a Panel Discussion on various burning topics like: Fake News, Social Media, Internet Trolling & Dark web and Cyber Crimes. The renowned speakers and panelist discussed the important topics with great care.

Ms. Iban Mawrie spoke on Fake news. Fake means false, incomplete and which tells of something exaggerated. Media houses fall prey to fake news without verifying the news stories.  It is not good to just pick up stories from the social site without verifying the story. Fake news can either make or break ones image. Pope Francis also shared his views on Fake news saying it goes viral… truth can set us free. People in rural areas take news for Gospel truth. They just blindly believe it. We try our best to project truth but mistakes do happen. Need to take care of verifying news stories.










Fr. C. M. Paul spoke on Social Media which is also convergent media. We have become both producers and consumers in the social media. Print Media and Electronic Media both are found at the same platform. Several points indicating the use and abuse of the social media were presented during the discussion. He also discussed various cases where misuse of social media is done. Use of social media is done a lot during elections. Means, Motive and Opportunity which is focused is spreading the message. As per a report present youth is spending eight hours per day on social media. Youth can be educated about the use of Social media. Use it as a voice of voiceless. Another way is to be creative and innovative, horning skills and expressing oneself through media.











Ms. Neha Gupta spoke about Internet trolling and the dark web. Shrill prouncements is nothing but trolling on the net. Using words especially abusive words on net is Dark web. Internet is a rhizome – a root which keeps growing. 70% of world’s youth is online and 48% world population is online. Internet is fast changing itself and people.

Mr. Michael Peria talked about Cyber Crime like hacking somebody’s web, mail account and computer. Social Media is uncontrollable media. Cyber crime is not making use of platform properly. Posting wrong pictures and content on the net and social sites too come under this. There are many ways we break rules and by mistake do a crime on net.


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