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Jan.20, 2018: Diocesan communication coordinator organized one day seminar for teachers (TOT). St. Arnold H.S. School has 48 staff with the 1700 students. The Principal Fr. Jaibu Mathew requested the Diocesan Coordinator to give one day seminar on Social Communication. There were 44 signed participants for the seminar including the Principal and vice-principal.


Resource person dealt elaborately on the subject through the power point presentation and appropriate clips. He said, “We the teachers should be good communicators. We need to use the latest materials to communicate with the students and teachers and make the classes more attractive”. He further drew attention of the teachers, saying “we the tutors can waste the time of the children if we have not prepared and come to the class. This means, our communication would be so bad, that children would lose interest in the class”. After the seminar there was friendly interaction between School management and teachers. They decided to have the second Saturday to hold seminar for teachers on Media & communication or Public relation.


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